Inger-Lise Kristoffersen
Artist, illustrator/writer, born i Køge, Denmark 1949.

Inger-Lise is a member of the Danish Illustrator Group, in the Danish Authors´ Society
Besides illustrating for Children Inger-Lise do independent artwork which includes paintings, drawings and Graphics.

At the age of 11 Inger-Lise moved to Colombia, with her adopted family, where she attended School at Colombo Britanico, and later Mary Mount in Medellin. At the age of 16 she moved to Hong Kong, and  attended King George V. school in Kowloon.
At the age of 17, she returned to Denmark and made her debut as an illustrator, with a front cover illustration to the youth magazine BØRGE, while living in Middelfart.

In 1968 she began studying, at Kolding Design School. After finishing the art school in 1972, she moved to Odense where she lived for 3 years before moving to Algutboda, in Småland Sweden, here she lived on the edge of the Sweedish woodlands, and exhibited her art work at Algutsboda Gallery, owned by her English friend and potter, Carl Cunningham Cole. In 1976, she moved to Copenhagen where she became friends with the surrealist erotic painter Hans Henrik Lerfeldt, until his early dead in 1989. Inger-Lise is currently living in Copenhagen.